With so many different forms of cricket match being played around the world on an almost constant basis, cricket betting is readily available and hugely enjoyable for fans. Punters can bet on cricket matches ranging from the fast and furious 20/20, to five day long test matches. Watching any sport is made so much more exciting by putting a few bucks on it, and cricket is certainly no different. Even if you do not support one of the teams playing in a particular match, knowing you have money riding on it will certainly raise your interest levels.

There is also a huge number of different markets to bet on in cricket; ranging from simply betting on the winner of a cricket match, all the way down to a ball by ball basis. Anyone new to cricket betting may be surprised at the sheer number of options and opportunities they have when logging onto any major bookmaker website. As well as betting on cricket matches outright, bets can also be placed on individual player performance and statistical features of a match such as how many no-balls occur.

Cricket betting generally falls into two categories - team performance and player performance. The most obvious team bet is which side will win the match; of course you can also bet on a draw. You can also bet on the margin of victory and which side will be leading after the first innings. Cricket bets can also be quite unlikely - you can even bet on who will win the toss. Individual player bets include which bowler will take the most wickets on each side, how many runs a particular batsman will score and even who will win the Man of the Match award before the players have even set foot on the grass.

Another feature of modern-day cricket betting is the fact that you can bet live as the action unfolds in front of you. Whether you are watching at home, in the pub or online, most major bookmakers (such as centrebet) nowadays are constantly updating their odds and allow punters to bet as the match goes on. This obviously makes cricket betting even more intriguing and exciting as you can now place a great number of different bets whenever you see an opportunity arise. For example, if you see a batsman starting well, getting into double figures and you're sure he's going to make a big score, how about putting some money down on a century?

Betting on cricket is certainly a varied activity and bookmakers have really gone to town on some of the bet you can place. Of course, some of these markets are just down to chance such as whether an innings score will be an odd or even number. Nevertheless, betting on whether a team's first dismissal will be by a catch or another method will still add some excitement to an otherwise dull match. Many bookmakers (such as iasbet also provide excellent statistical information which can help your cricket betting decisions enormously. Find a knack for reading the statistics and you may be able to place some excellent cricket bets.