Cricket is now emerging as one of the most popular sports around the globe. Cricket betting is becoming popular these days because there are many sports enthusiasts and athletes that are involved in this sport. Cricket betting is now rapidly surfacing on different bookmakers especially in Australia. It gives excitement and fun for many punters in the country. Cricket betting is considered to be complex merely because it has three formats. So if you are a punter, you need to understand how cricket betting goes.

There are three formats of cricket, namely, test cricket, 50-over and 20-over. These formats differ on how long they are played. Test cricket lasts up to five days because teams play for several rounds. Fifty-over cricket, also known as one-day game, lasts for about 8 hours while 20-over cricket lasts for 3 and a half hours. Cricket betting now depends on the format of cricket played.

Today, a lot of punters are engaged in 20-over cricket betting because of the duration of the game. This format is now considered as one of the leading betting opportunities for punters whether online or not.

You can bet in almost every aspect of the game such as batsman run, team score and the like. There are also two types of bets that you can place, namely, odd and spread cricket betting. In odd betting, parameters such as run rate and fielding capacity influences the game so you should consider them when placing your bet.

The availability of online betting makes cricket betting more fun because one can easily place your bet and review the past games of the players. There are many online bookmakers that help punters decide on how to place their bet by giving them useful tips. One of the most popular online bookmakers is Bet365, which offers every major sporting event around the world. It offers major Australian interest such as NRL, tennis and cricket. It also gives 100 percent match bonus for all new customers.